UMI.RU registered 100,000th customer

Service, who began his work on the first of June last year, has registered the 100,000th customer. This means that a half years it has been sold 100 thousand ready sites. announced a campaign that will allow service users receive a free domain RU and in addition six months hosting UMIHOST, the rate-regarded UMAXI. Now the list of clientele service grows, develops dynamically functional. The first one hundred thousand customers will appreciate the low prices and convenience functional. Two thousand of them – business projects and companies registered in Russia. The service operates on UMI.Cloud, which was awarded the “Cloud 2012” and recognized as the best SaaS-solutions for the Russians. shared success with its users, and prepare for the customers interesting gifts. Unique service service is the ability to output the finished site to a separate hosting, and customers who have used this service will receive six months of free hosting. A separate prize for the owners of sites ready to, switched to a paid fare to 12 November this year. This .RU domain as a gift.

The most popular service is the service “Personal Site”. The site is continuously updated, which is very convenient for users. Recent changes allow you to completely control the structure of the site, download a large number of photos and pay for the services selected tariff monthly. It is worth noting the ease and convenience of a personal administrative area of the site. Just a couple of clicks, and you’re in the right section. acquired a new feature that has automatic SEO-promotion turnkey website. The interface has no small system SEO-analysis. She will pick up your keywords, calculate the budget and be able to help in the counting of the term promotion. In the administrative control panel, the user can customize the advertising of services through Yandex.

All online stores that are created on the basis of service, connected to an analog computing device (integrator) payment systems Money Online. In this case, it is possible to pay for goods via mobile payments, VISA, WebMoney, MasterCard, QIWI, Yandex. Ready sites support the ability to comment and put “like” in social networks.

Among the regular users of the service, there are sites for business. For example, children’s products on, everything for home fitness on, the site has a huge list of products for the auto dealer, shop with modern and comfortable frameless furniture

The next year, according to forecasts, developers Umisoft will not be bored. See the light of a series of new templates that will adapt to any screen size and resolution, including mobile devices. Shopping, running on a platform UMI, equip the new interface and settings. For example, if necessary, you can choose the shipping method, or pay for the goods directly through Yandex.