Australian residents have criticized the new top-level domains

According to TASS-Telecom, from Australia comes the biggest criticisms of the new top-level domains. If you take in general, the point was made 242 observations by 1930 domains. According to the portal, for trial, and the response to the criticism released 12 days.

Let us dwell on complaints received from Australia. Their names are not satisfied with a negative connotation: .suck, .wtf, .gripe, .fail and some even having, according to the Australians, the critical values. So, do not go unnoticed domain called .casino, because there is no sufficient mechanisms in order to be able to somewhat reduce the potential harm to users.

The largest number of comments came at the expense of Amazon. Residents not satisfied with the sound of some of the top level domain names, such as: .app, .game, .book, .movi, .cloud and a number of others. Among dissonant included a number of names containing the name of geography.

In world practice there are examples of the use of twenty global top-level domains and several hundred, where we use elements of geographical names. With 41 conference ICANN, held a year ago in June, approved the unified program called new gTLD, which is slightly simplified registration rules for top-level domains. According to current rules, any user registered as a legal entity, has the right to purchase a domain name. Proposals have several Cyrillic domains – .rus, .deti.