A charity auction domains .by, gathered half a billion rubles

Technical editor .by domain zone until the preliminary results announced last auction domains. At the auction two working months were put 230 domains, of which 200 have been acquired. Buyers pay for the right to be owners of the domain, a total of 512 million. Rubles. But this is a preliminary estimate. The total expected amount – more than 600 million.

The auction was carried out in four small steps. Coincided with the beginning of October 1, the last day of the auction held on 25 November. At a charity auction were announced sale domains in the zone. by, previously excluded from the area for different reasons. Some names have bought cybersquatters (acquire sounding domain names for resale or advertising) because of their brevity or euphony. The auction was held at the site ay.by.

Trades were organized by hoster.by, which reports that currently have paid for purchased domains participants 1 – 3 stages of trading, during which it was sold about 140 domains. Customers in the amount of money 512 million. Rubles were transferred to the account of homes scattered throughout the country. They bought furniture, building materials, medical equipment for the examination of children with organic lesion of the central nervous system. One orphanage decided to buy computers, which with the help of special programs to help children with developmental disorders. So charitable assistance was provided to six orphanages in Belarus.

Now comes the last transfer domains for the latter, the fourth stage. Given these revenues, it is concluded that the total amount of transfers will exceed 600 million. Rubles, and sell the domain will be about 200.

Sergey Povalishev, who served as director of the company hoster.by, said that the results of the auction organizers were satisfied. Not overshadowed the overall impression even failure of the first winner of the possibility of redemption casino.by. Everything went well, and the domain was sold much more expensive.

This domain was the most expensive lot of the auction. He brought the event 250,025,000. Rubles (about $ 30,000). This is the largest amount for a domain not only for this auction, but also in the history of Bynet. First price for a domain name reached 165 million. If the organizer of the auction have not seen in a certain transaction fraud.

Second place in terms of value appeared domain www.by, estimated at 27 million. Rubles, which is equivalent to $ 3,000. He has been exposed during the last and final phase of the auction, and not yet paid.

Was slightly cheaper price internet.by, who went for 25 million and took third place in popularity. Fourth place was the domain kolesa.by (17,5 million), the fifth – busiess.bu (13 million rubles). The last three domain owners bought.

We already know that the fourth stage in such trades will not be final. From time to time to practice holding auctions domains .by. Sergey Povalishev explained that now the domains “expired” always will be sold by auction.

Previously, they were simply removed from the roster. Now, if the lease term expired domain, but it may be of commercial interest, the name will be sold at a charity auction.